Want Whiter Teeth this Christmas?

Affordable & Safe Teeth Whitening which really works !!!’

At Frazer Dental , we offer a bespoke tooth whitening service. Our whitening products are completely safe and professional dentist quality , meaning they will really whiten your teeth – giving you guaranteed results. No chemist or supermarket whitening product will whiten your teeth to the same level as the specialised whitening products available at Frazer Dental.

1. What type of whitening products do we offer?

We offer a same day whitening service as well as take home whitening kits allowing us to provide you with the type of whitening which will work best for you – even if you usually have sensitive teeth ! With affordable prices from only 149 euro for our take home whitening kit .
2. Can I whiten my teeth if they are sensitive ?
At Frazer Dental , we recommend a type of whitening which is only worn for 30 mins per day for 1 week to any patients who have ️Sensitive teeth . This guarantees great results for even the most Sensitive teeth . Our Sensitive tooth whitening costs from 179 euro.

3. How should I prepare for teeth whitening?
It is important that your teeth & gums are healthy and clean before whitening .
For best results ,we recommend a full check up & getting your teeth cleaned &air polished before whitening them – so give us a call to arrange a consultation today. We guarantee you will be glad you called Frazer Dental . We are here to help you achieve a bright white and healthy smile.
For best results, use Sensitive toothpaste (such as Sensodyne)for at least 2 weeks before whitening your teeth.
4. What’s the minimum age for teeth whitening?
We require that all patients are at least 18 years old.
5. Can I whiten my teeth if I have fillings / crowns / veneers ?
It is important to book a check up first to be sure your teeth are suitable for whitening as sometimes White fillings or Crowns will not whiten so it is important that we assess your teeth first. Sometimes when you get your teeth cleaned with our Air Polish , the stains come off your fillings and other times , we will recommend changing any dark or stained old fillings after the whitening process is completed to ensure your any fillings you have match the colour of your newly whitened teeth.
6. What’s the difference between ‘beautician or chemist whitening products ‘ and ‘ dentist prescribed ‘ whitening ?
Over the counter whitening gels & toothpastes such as those sold in shops & beauticians legally cannot contain the required percentage of peroxide required to successfully whiten your teeth . Dentist presribed whitening products contain up to 6% Hydrogen Peroxide or 16 % Carbamide Peroxide. Over the counter whitening products by law must contain no more than 0.1% peroxide , meaning they won’t damage your teeth but they won’t actually whiten your teeth either unfortunately.
7. Have you further questions about safe and successful teeth whitening?
Simply call Frazer Dental on 042 9668929 , we would only be too happy to chat to you about teeth whitening. Our whitening costs from only 149 euro .
Check out our website for details of our tooth whitening offers . www.frazerdental.ie