Tooth Reshaping – Such a simple way to improve your smile on a budget!

Wish your teeth were straighter? Less pointy? More even? No gaps?

Frazer Dental & Orthodontics can help!

Our team of super friendly dentists & hygienists are here to put you at ease and show you how we can improve your smile with simple techniques such as tooth reshaping .

What is tooth reshaping?
Reshaping is where we add small amounts of composite ( tooth coloured ) material to your teeth to change their shape.

Advantages of tooth reshaping:

  • Painfree
  • Cheaper than veneers
  • Suitable on children’s & adult teeth
  • Reversible
  • No drilling down of your own teeth
  • No needles required

In the video below , we are showing our lovely patient Deidre her teeth for the first time after widening her teeth and closing her gaps with tooth reshaping before her wedding day!

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