Tongue Tie & Lip Tie Repair

Frazer Dental is proud to be the Regional Tongue Tie Centre for Counties Cavan, Meath, Louth & Monaghan.

Having problems with breastfeeding your baby?

Have you been advised by a GP, district nurse or lactation consultant that your baby might have a tongue or lip tie?

Did you know that tongue-tie (ankloglossia) affects 4-11% of newborns?

Our Specialist Oral Surgeon Dr. Frank at Frazer Dental can help! Book online or call 042 966 8929 for next clinic details.


“My daughter had one and I left it and it turned out it caused severe speech problems so she then needed a general anesthetic to have it snipped at 2.5. My son was born with one last year and I brought him to Frazer Dental  and he was fine. I would rather have it done as a small baby than to have to go under a GA to have it. Would recommend Frazer Dental for tongue tie repair.”

“Definitely recommend Frazer Dental for baby tongue tie repair. It changed my little girl’s life.”

“My wee man got this done at Frazer Dental at 5 weeks, was so quick and more painful for me than him. Girls& surgeon were brilliant.”

Tongue Tie is also known as Ankyloglossia, frenectomy, frenotomy, frenum, posterior tongue-tie, anterior tongue-tiepastedGraphic.png

If you are worried that your baby is not feeding well, or not latching on well during breast feeding,  booking a consultation with our specialist oral surgeon might be helpful.

Tongue and lip tie can be repaired very easily at Frazer Dental.  We welcome babies and parents from the entire Cavan , Meath, Louth and Monaghan area to our dedicated tongue and lip tie clinic at Frazer Dental in Kingscourt.

It is easiest to treat tongue ties in young babies, even newborn babies,  however,  it is possible to repair tongue tie in older children as well . The friendly team at Frazer Dental run a clinic every month where we see babies and children for tongue tie (frenotomy), lip tie and frenectomy.