Teeth Whitening

At Frazer Dental Kingscourt, we offer SAFE,  affordable, Dentist grade, professional tooth whitening for everyone age 18 and over.

We have 3 whitening systems available:

  1. Zoom laser 1 hour whitening
  2. Professional take home whitening kit
  3. Whitening for sensitive teeth


Which whitening system is best for you?

A check up with one of our dentists is necessary before we can recommend which whitening system is most suitable for you.

Zoom 1hr laser whitening

At Frazer Dental Kingscourt our Phillips Zoom 1 hour tooth whitening guarantees 6 shades whiter teeth in 1 hour with no sensitivity.

Professional take home tooth whitening kit

Our in-house laboratory will make your customised bleaching trays which you will wear at night for 2 weeks.

Will I need my teeth cleaned / air polished first ?

Most individuals will need a clean / air polish beforehand  before whitening to get the best results.

Whitening at Frazer Dental costs from just €250 or Philips zoom whitening kit for €399.

Call Frazer Dental today on +353 (42) 9668929 or facebook  us if you have any questions!