Teeth Whitening

At Frazer Dental Kingscourt, we offer safe,  affordable, dentist grade, professional tooth whitening for everyone age 18 and over. Whitening your teeth at your dentist really works  and is 100% safe and effective, unlike over the counter whitening systems and beautician whitening treatments .  We always perform a dental check up first to ensure your teeth are full healthy before whitening your teeth.

We have 3 whitening systems available:

  1. Phillips Zoom laser 1 hour whitening (World No.1 Whitening brand)
  2. Professional take home whitening kit
  3. Whitening for sensitive teeth

Which whitening system is best for you?

A check up with one of our dentists is necessary before we can recommend which whitening system is most suitable for you. Book online here.

ZOOM 1HR Laser Whitening

At Frazer Dental Kingscourt we are proud to offer the World Number 1 Whitening System – Phillips Zoom ! 1 hour tooth whitening . This world famous whitening system guarantees 6 shades whiter teeth in 1 hour with no sensitivity. There’s a no sensitivity setting on our Zoom light so we can press this setting if you think you have sensitive teeth. Lie back & relax in our relaxing massage chair and listen to some music as your teeth get whiter.

Professional Take Home Tooth Whitening Kit

Our in-house laboratory will make your customised bleaching trays which you will wear for either 60 mins per day or overnight for 7-14 days. This whitening system offers a more gradual whitening affect, but it will work just as well as the Phillip’s Whitening if you do it every day as prescribed by your dentist for the recommended course of time (up to 2 weeks).


Most individuals will need a clean / air polish beforehand  before whitening to get the best results.

Whitening at Frazer Dental costs from just €250 for our bespoke home whitening or for up to 6 shades whiter teeth in just ONE hour, try our Philips zoom! whitening kit for €399. Check out our Instagram & Facebook for our special offers on professional tooth whitening ( include link. We also offer special offers for brides, grooms and bridal party so call Frazer Dental or Direct Message us on Facebook for more info!

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