What is sedation?

Sedation is a fantastic way of helping you relax in the dental chair .

At Frazer Dental, Implants and Orthodontics we offer 2 types of sedation. We have won awards for treating nervous patients and sedation is just one way of helping nervous patients relax.

Oral sedation

This is a light sedation taken in a tablet form to help you feel calm and slightly sleepy, yet still alert during your dental treatment.  The tablet is taken just one hour before you begin your treatment with us and oral sedation is a brilliant way of taking the edge of your dental fear. We recommend oral sedation for fillings, tooth cleanings and implants for example.

IV sedation

This is a deeper sedation, which makes you feel totally asleep when in the dental chair. In fact you are still slightly awake with IV sedation but you don’t usually remember anything which happened in the dental chair– it makes you totally forget. Our dentists will recommend which type of sedation is most suitable for you. We particularly recommend IV sedation for wisdom tooth extractions or surgical dental extractions , as well as for dental cyst removal, however, IV sedation can be administered for filings and root canals treatments. IV sedation is also suitable for anyone with a prominent gag reflex.

Gag Reflex

Are you prone to gagging at the dentist?

If you are prone to gagging, it can put you off attending the dentist .At Frazer Dental we have took additional steps to make your visit to the dentist that little bit easier.

We offer IV sedation which relaxes your throat muscles and means you won’t gag when sedated.  Also we use our intra-oral scanner to take images of your teeth for crown/ bridgework / veneers rather than impressions or moulds.  That’s our no- gagging guarantee to you!