Searching for an Endodontist in Cavan / Meath / Louth / Monaghan ?

Our friendly endodontic dentist Dr Brian Mc Lornan, has a special interest in PAIN-FREE root canal treatments.

Dr Brian has additional post graduate qualifications in endodontics such as a Certificate in Clinical Endodontics and is near completion of his master in Endodontics (MSC). There’s no need to dread root canal, as it can be a pain-free treatment with Dr Brian. You will be in safe hands here at Frazer Dental , Implants & Orthodontics in Kingscourt, Co Cavan.

Specialist Endodontist services provided :
✔️Incisor , molar & premolar endodontics
✔️Surgical endodontics: Apicoectomy
✔️Post & core build ups
✔️Post endodontic crowns
✔️Re root canal treatments ( redo RCT )
✔️Nerve regeneration treatments such as biodentine
✔️Management of dental trauma
✔️Management of dental abcess / injection
✔️Cvek Pulpotomy in children
✔️Nerve pain dressings
✔️Internal whitening
If you have any questions regarding endodontics or root canal treatments ? Why not book a consultation with Dr Brian.

1.How do I book a root canal assessment ?

You can book online here :
Or call us 0429668929

2.How much is a root canal ?

An endodontic consultation is €65. Exact price and payment options will be given at the initial consultation. Typically an incisor root canal costs from €500 and premolar and molar root canals cost more . A molar root canal treatment typically costs around €750 and a premolar root canal treatment from €600. The price depends on the complexity of the treatment .
All root canal treatment costs include the provision of a filling afterwards.

3.Is a crown needed after root canal treatment ?

Yes, usually a crown is recommended long term after a root canal treatment . Essentially after the root canal treatment is carried out , the tooth  is dead now so this means it is prone to dehydration and more likely to crack in the future  . Our root canal dentist will advise you how long to wait after endodontic treatment before crowning your tooth.

4. Do I need a referral from my own dentist?

Our root canal dentist accepts referrals from other dentists in the surrounding towns as well as self referrals so this means it is possible to book yourself in by giving us a call or booking online through our online booking system on our website If you have any recent radiographs / X-rays of the tooth from your own dentist which were taken in the last 6months , it is helpful to bring these to your endodontic consultation.

5. Are root canal treatments tax deductible?

Yes , at least 20% tax back can be claimed on all endodontic treatments through the med 2 form.

6. Dark tooth ? Will my tooth go black after root canal treatment ?

Yes a tooth can darken months or years after a root canal treatment which is why we offer internal whitening to turn the shade back to a nice white colour.  We also offer composite veneers / bonding and  porcelain crowns / veneers to improve the colour if internal whitening is not suitable in your case .

7. What’s the best treatment for a dark tooth ?

Internal whitening is usually our first option as it is the least invasive treatment and allows the tooth to be whitened up in approximately 2-3 days . Internal whitening is a pain-free process which doesn’t involve drilling down your healthy tooth.

8. Is root canal treatment covered on medical card ?

Sometimes root canal can be approved on medical card so definitely book a consultation with the Frazer Dental to see what is advised.

9. What do I do if I’ve received trauma to my teeth ?

Book an emergency appointment with Dr Brian our root canal dentist or any of the friendly general dentists within 24hrs of the trauma occurring, do not hesitate to call our out of hours advice line on 0876201548 if you are concerned and have any urgent dental queries or have received dental trauma which requires urgent attention.

10. What other options are there apart from root canal?

Usually the other treatment options are extraction of the infected tooth and replacement with a dental implant or denture. Dental implants & dentures are also available at Frazer Dental.