Pain-free cleaning options

Our hygienists aims to provide Pain-Free Tooth Cleaning for everyone. A special numbing spray or gel numbs any sensitive areas which means you are guaranteed a comfortable clean every time.

Our hygienists aim to clean your gums and will guide you on how to achieve a healthy smile. Inflamed gums or gum disease can begin when pregnant and are more common in smokers and those with diabetes, however, gum disease (periodontal disease) can affect anybody at any age.  Our super gentle dental hygienists are here to help manage your gum condition, whether you need regular deep cleans or just regular cleans. Our hygienists will set up a maintenance programme specific to your dental health needs in conjunction with your dentist at Frazer Dental.

Fancy a pain-free air polish tooth clean?

At Frazer Dental Kingscourt, we have the newest and least painful way to get your teeth cleaned. The Frazer Dental Air Polish Teeth Cleaning system.

  • It instantly removes all stains including  tea, coffee, smoke as well as plaque.It restores the natural whiteness of your teeth– ideal for smokers.  Treat yourself if you have recently stopped smoking!
  • It is safe on crowns, veneers, braces, retainers , implants & even for children.
  • It is less sensitive than a normal scale and polish, quicker and suitable for everyone.

Air polish is ideal for:

  • Smokers
  • Tea/ coffee/ red wine/ green tea drinkers,
  • Children
  • Brace wearers,
  • Anyone with veneers/ crowns
  • Anyone nervous of the dentist

Does Air Polish work if I have sensitive teeth?

At Frazer Dental we use a jet of air & powder to clean the surface of your tooth, so no scraping is involved.  This makes our air polish ideal if you are someone who doesn’t like getting your teeth cleaned because of sensitive teeth.