Headache/ Migraine Clinic for Cavan/ Meath/ Louth / Monaghan

Welcome to the Ulster Migraine Clinic

with Dr James Rooney, located at  Frazer Dental

Our aim is to prevent migraine/ headache by reducing the frequency of attacks.

Dr James is an experienced dentist with a special interest in medicinal use of Botulinum injections to treat both migraine & headaches .
With Dr James’ extensive experience, he will be able to advise on whether you are a suitable candidate. In general ,  if you’re suffering more than 10 days of the month you will be a suitable candidate.

For over a decade , Botulinum toxin type A has been used in the treatment of chronic migraine and is now an easily tolerated treatment for the preventive therapy of chronic migraine , according to Becker et al.

1. How does it work?

Botulinum can prevent migraines from occurring in adults, when injected into parts of the head and  neck. Dr James Rooney uses the PREMPT protocol. This involves injecting into the areas of the head and neck where pain and tension mostly occurs in headache sufferers such as the bridge of the nose, forehead,  temples, and back of the head and neck, as well as upper back above the shoulders.

We recommend booking a complimentary consultation so that Dr James can access your suitability and determine if you are suitable.

2.Who is most suited to migraine/headache injections?

Anyone suffering from migaine/ headache more than 10days per month is usually most suited to this therapy.

3.What happens on the day ?

A thorough consultation is required after which treatment can be done on the same day.  The treatment itself is quick and easily tolerated ,usually lasting about 15 minutes. It is not particularly uncomfortable, most people can go back to work straight after or return to their daily activity straight after .
It takes 1-4 weeks for results to be seen and relief from migraine/ headache lasts for 12 weeks or often more usually . All patients are offered a free follow up 2-4 weeks later.

4.What is the cost of attending the Headache/ Migraine clinic?

It costs from 300 euro per treatment . All consultations are free & we include a complimentary review appointment 2-4 weeks later .

5.When does the headache clinic operate?

Migraine & headache clinic operates every 2nd Monday @frazerdental in Kingscourt- we are located 30 mins from Navan, Dundalk & Drogheda with Free parking .

To book a complimentary consultation for :
migraine management,
anti -sweating  treatment
of hands & under arms ( (hyperhidrosis)
tooth grinding
& jaw pain ( TMJD) :
Call  0429668929 or book online

Dr James also offers anti-ageing skin treatments such as antiwrinkle injections  & dermal fillers here at our dental practice in Kingscourt , County Cavan. Profhilo and skin boosters are a very popular skin treatment available to boost the glow and improve skin texture .  Dr James offers dermal & lip filler as well jaw slimming & facial sculpting to improve facial profile. There are also techniques available to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in smokers and a lip flip procedure where toxin is placed into the lip to make your upper lip more visible without the need for adding lip filler .

Why not book an anti-aging or facial sculpting consultation today to learn more about the wide range of facial aesthetics treatments available at Frazer Dental?
Complimentary skin consultations available

FRAZER Dental, Implants & Orthodontics, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan
Phone  0429668929

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