Have you been told your child needs a specialist Paediatric Dentist? Looking for a children’s dental practice & orthodontist in Cavan, Meath, Louth or Monaghan?

Perhaps your general dentist doesn’t treat children and has recommended that your child attend a specialist dental practice for children? Frazer Dental may be a good option for your family’s dental needs. We offer dentistry for the whole family.

Often at Frazer Dental, we meet a parent who attends us with their child after been referred by their local dentist to a specialist Paediatric dentist. The parent attends us having been given an extensive treatment plan which leaves them feeling overwhelmed & wondering what to do. Often the parent has been told that the dental treatment for their child must be carried out under inhalation sedation or general anaesthetic and the parent becomes concerned that no other option is available to treat their child’s dental concerns or the parent feels the treatment recommended for their child is beyond their budget. This is where Frazer Dental may be able to help your family.

At Frazer Dental, Winner of Ireland’s Most Child Friendly Dental Practice at the Irish Dentistry Awards, our team consists of super friendly , dedicated dentists some of which have a special interest in treating children . We open 6 days per week also meaning children can be brought to the dentist after school or on a Saturday so no need to miss school or work to attend dental appointments with your child.

We would be happy to meet you and your child and see if we can work alongside your child and develop a more affordable plan to address your child’s dental needs. Sometimes we will need to dedicate additional time to acclimatizing your child , especially if they have had a previous negative experience. Our aim is to provide dental treatment for your child without the need for sedation, by building their confidence in the dental chair. We will do our best to work along with you and your child.

Has your child additional needs ? Oftentimes children with sensory issues can be treated at Frazer Dental , this may mean need more visits initially to allow us gain your child’s trust but we are willing to try our enhanced acclimatization techniques to ensure the best chance of treating your child with sensory issues successfully in the dental chair at Frazer Dental. We welcome autistic children at Frazer Dental.

We are happy to start by arranging a check up / consultation for your child to see if we can offer a more affordable solution for your child’s dental health needs.

Specialist Paediatric Dental treatments we offer :

  • Preventative Resin Sealants (fissure sealants)
  • Stainless Steel Crowns
  • Children’s Tooth Coloured Fillings
  • Advanced Caries Arrest Techniques
  • Icon White Spot treatment
  • Micro abrasion for stained teeth
  • Air polishing Dental Hygiene
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment)

Specialist Children’s Orthodontic & Oral Surgery services :

  • Early intervention orthodontics ( from age 7)
  • Specialist Orthodontist services for kids
  • Invisalign / clear aligners for teenagers
  • Orthodontic retainers
  • Space maintainers
  • Oral surgery with specialist oral surgeon for dental extractions
  • Exposure of impacted canines
  • Baby tongue tie repair
  • Frenectomy or lip tie repair
  • Impacted tooth removal including supernumerary teeth
  • Extraction of submerging teeth
  • Dental implants from age 18 to replace congenitally missing teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry for children :

  • Composite bonding to treat peg shaped laterals
  • Tooth reshaping for a more even smile
  • White spot removal / reduction
  • Dark tooth internal whitening (after trauma/ root canal)

Children’s Dental Health Concerns treated at Frazer Dental :

  • Weak enamel (called MIH )
  • Dental decay
  • Nursing Bottle Caries
  • White / speckled teeth (called Fluorosis)
  • Nervous children ( dental phobia )
  • Crowded teeth ( not enough space for teeth to come through )
  • Protruding front teeth
  • Trauma causing lose or broken teeth
  • Emergency Abscess / pain
  • Paediatric dental hygienist service for stain removal

Do your feel your child is missing teeth? Or perhaps their baby teeth are not falling out at the same rate as their adult teeth are forming leading to a crowded mouth with 2 sets of teeth?
In cases such as this , we may need to get an early orthodontic opinion to assess your child’s dental development. A dental radiograph / X-ray may also be required. Early intervention orthodontics is recommended around the age of 7.

What is MIH?

Molar incisor HypoMineralisation is a common condition which tends to develop in children’s teeth around the age of 6-12, when the adult teeth start to appear . It is characterized by the appearance of weakened enamel which is often brown or orange in appearance. The enamel is softer than normal enamel , more brittle , and more prone to decay ,so children with MIH need more regular dental check ups and often require more complex dental treatment which is why bringing your child to the dentist from a young age is very important to allow us diagnose and manage conditions such as MIH before the enamel is becomes too damaged .

The good news is that at Frazer Dental , we offer a full range of dental services from friendly Paediatric dentists, Paediatric dental hygienists, orthodontists , specialist oral surgeon & dental implantologists , meaning the vast majority of your child or adolescent’s dental concerns including MIH can be treated under the one roof here at Frazer Dental.


Has your child a dental emergency? We guarantee to see children in pain same day if you call us early in the morning at 8 am .

Please note all dental care for children & adolescents is private , even if they have a medical card until they turn age 16 , in which case we can accept medical card for teenagers age 16 and over .

Give us a call to book your child’s dental check up or orthodontic assessment call 📞 0429668929