Has your child got MIH? – Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation

MIH or molar incisor hypomineralisation can affect your children’s teeth from age 5+. If you need to find a friendly Paediatric or childen’s dentist in Cavan/Meath/Louth or Monaghan, Frazer Dental can help.

Has your child got MIH?
This condition is characterised by weak, chalky enamel and it affects the first permanent molars & incisors most commonly around age 5+

The main signs of MIH in kids are:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Brown discoloration on molars which may look like tooth decay
  • White or brown specs on front teeth
  • A tooth that starts to chip away very soon after eruption

This diagram below shows the treatment need index for MIH and grades it from level 1-4.

Our friendly team of kids dentists at Frazer Dental can help if your child has MIH or weak enamel.

Cosmetic Treatments for MIH:

  • Icon white spot treatment ( to reduce white spots )
  • Opalustre / microabrasion
  • Air polish tooth cleaning

Icon or Opalustre can be used to reduce the appearance of white or brown patches on front teeth like in this photo below.

If MIH causes pain, common treatments to reduce pain in kids are :

  • Desensitizing treatments such as dressings
  • Extraction ( in severe cases)
  • Endodontic treatment
  • Placement of stainless steel crowns ( SSc’s )
  • Composite or flouride releasing fillings

Preventative treatments for MIH:

  • Protective coatings called fissure sealants
  • Topical Flouride treatment
  • Tooth mousse application

FAQ’s about attending a Paediatric dentist

What age should you bring your child to the dentist for the first time ?
Frazer Dental, Implants & Orthodontics is a family friendly dental practice in Kingscourt, Cavan which welcomes children. We recommend booking your child’s first dental check up around the age of 2.5 years old and every 6 months after that to ensure lifelong positive dental experiences.

What if my child has severe MIH causing pain ?
We have a root canal dentist (endodontist) on our team here at Frazer Dental so if pain is severe we can either arrange to remove the nerve from the tooth known as a root canal treatment or we perform a dental extraction.

If my child looses teeth due to MIH and has gaps can they gaps be closed ?
At Frazer Dental our orthodontist is available for children and adults which require an orthodontic opinion, for example if your child has MIH and they have developed gaps due to extraction of weak teeth. Our orthodontist may be able to close the gaps where the teeth were extracted due to MIH with clear braces or metal braces.

Should I use a special toothpaste if my child has MIH ?
Yes a sensitive toothpaste or high strength flouride toothpaste is best (such as duraphat). Tooth mousse should also be applied daily to weak molars to help strengthen the enamel. These products are available to buy at Frazer Dental and your dentist will recommend a specific regime to suit your child best.

Book a child’s dental check up online or call 📞 0429668929 to book a consultation with one of our Paediatric dentists or orthodontist.