Fissure seals , ‘Prevention is better than cure‘

All you need to know !

Here are some FAQ’s regarding fissure sealants answered by our Paediatric dentists at Frazer Dental, Implants & Orthodontics in Kingscourt 🦷, your local children’s dental practice in County Cavan .


-1-How can parents prevent decay in children’s teeth ?

Many parents want to know how can we prevent our children’s teeth from needing fillings , well fissure sealants are the answer ! Fissure seals are an easy way of protecting your children’s teeth from developing decay & they are a pain-free treatment !!

-2-What age do we recommend fissure seals in children ?

Children and adults can have fissure seals and we recommend fissure seals from age 5 upwards.

-3-How are fissure seals done ?

They are a pain-free treatment, where we apply various layers of varnish /paint to the teeth to seal the grooves and this makes the grooves more shallow, each layer of varnish is set with a blue light giving it strength & durability.  It takes approximately 5-10 mins to seal a tooth with a protective fissure sealant .

Why do fissure seals on you or your child’s teeth ?

Well if you or your child is nervous of the dentist , fissure seals are a lot easier to do than a filling and cost less too  , so definitely worth getting your children’s teeth sealed to make sure the teeth are protected from decay .

-4-Cost of fissure sealants ?

Fissure seals are a lot more cost effective than fillings , costing usually 35 euro per tooth rather than a filling which would cost approximately 100 euro per tooth , so definitely a cost saving here when one compares the cost of placing a fissure sealant with the cost of a children’s filling.

-5-Is a check up needed first ?

Yes, we always need to do a check up before we can recommend fissure sealants as we can only seal a healthy , decay-free tooth . If there are any signs of staining / decay then the tooth might not be suitable for fissure sealing but one of our dentists will devise a treatment plan at your initial consultation with us.

-6-What age do you recommend your child’s first dental check up ?

We ideally like to start see children regularly at the dentist from age 3 upwards , this is very beneficial in ensuring your child has a positive experience at the dentist . By bringing children from a young age to the dentist , we can ensure they don’t develop a dental phobia . Don’t wait til your child has a toothache or dental problem to bring them to the dentist! Book their first dental check up around the age of 3@Frazer Dental.

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