Dreading root canal treatment? Frazer Dental Endodontist serving Cavan, Meath, Louth & Monaghan ?

At Frazer Dental , root canal treatment does not have to be painful . Our special root canal dentist Dr Brian provides root canal treatment for all teeth from incisors to molars . He has a special interest in providing endodontics for nervous patients and he is so friendly , you will feel at ease in no time at Frazer Dental.

Are you looking for a friendly endodontist in the Cavan / Meath /Louth /Monaghan area ?
Why not book a root canal or endodontic consultation today with Dr Brian Mc Lornan to discuss the treatment options for your tooth.

Got a dark tooth ?
Dr Brian offers cosmetic treatments for teeth which have darkened over time also following root canal treatment . He offers internal whitening , composite bonding or veneers , as well as crowns to improve the appearance of a dark tooth.

Making root canal treatment affordable;
We will discuss all options for your darkened tooth at Frazer Dental & will allow you spread out the cost of treatment over the number of visits required at no extra cost.

Contact us today to make an initial consultation for root canal treatment by calling 0429668929 or book online here for a root canal consultation.