At Frazer Dental Kingscourt, we make 4 types of dentures:

  1. Acrylic Dentures  ( traditional plastic dentures, with metal clasps/ clips if necessary)
  2. Copy Dentures ( to make an exact copy of your old denture , same shape of denture as your old one but with new(less worn) teeth)
  3. Flexi ( flexible, very natural appearance, super light dentures with no metal clasps/ clips)
  4. Chrome Cobalt ( very light and flexible, these dentures click into place and allow for  the  palate to be kept free)

Denture Repair Service

We offer a denture repair service at Frazer Dental including:

  1. Adding teeth to your denture repairing and strengthening a broken one
  2. Repairing and strengthening a broken denture
  3. Realigning your own denture
  4. Adding clasps/ clips to your own

Call in at Frazer Dental today with your denture to see how we can help you.

New Dentures on the medical card?

Medical Card patients are covered for  1 set of acrylic dentures every 5 years so please contact us with your details if you would like us to apply for approval from the HSE for new ones with your medical card.

Flexi Dentures from Frazer dental in kingscourt

Flexi Dentures