At Frazer Dental Kingscourt, we make 4 types of dentures:

  1. Acrylic Dentures  ( traditional plastic dentures, with metal clasps/ clips if necessary)
  2. Copy Dentures ( to make an exact copy of your old denture , same shape of denture as your old one but with new(less worn) teeth)
  3. Flexi ( flexible, very natural appearance, super light dentures with no metal clasps/ clips)
  4. Chrome Cobalt ( very light and flexible, these dentures click into place and allow for  the  palate to be kept free)

Urgent  Denture Repair

We offer URGENT DENTURE REPAIR at Frazer Dental so if you break or lose your denture please contact Frazer Dental immediately on 042 966-8929 or click to book an appointment.

Denture Addition & Reline Service

At Frazer Dental we have a great working  relationship with our lab technician meaning most denture repairs are done in 24-48 hours. We specialise in repairing broken acrylic dentures , addition of teeth to chrome dentures and acrylic dentures as well as relining dentures to improve their fit if your dentures are getting lose. If you need a tooth added to your denture plate or indeed your denture relined, then give Frazer Dental a call today on 0429668929.

Do you require new dentures?

We provide ALL types of dentures at Frazer Dental.

  • Chrome Dentures
  • Flexi dentures
  • Plastic( acrylic) dentures
  • Peek( no metal , extra light dentures)
  • Valplas
  • Implant retained dentures –

These  are permanently secured in your mouth by dental implants so will never ever move around in your mouth!

Are you dreaming of no more dentures? Considering dental implants?

At Frazer Dental we place DENTAL IMPLANTS which means you can have new teeth placed directly into your jaw bone which means you don’t need your denture anymore. Wow! If  you are interested in not having dentures at all, and discussing dental implants or denture stabilisation with dental implants with  a member of our team, then give Frazer Dental a call on 042 966-8929.

We don’t just offer old fashioned plastic (acrylic) dentures at Frazer Dental!! If you have an urgent denture query  or need emergency advice call Frazer Dental on 042 966-8929 or 087 620-1548 or click book online.

Flexi Dentures from Frazer dental in kingscourt

Flexi Dentures