Did you know at Frazer Dental we accept:

  •  VHI Dental Direct Pay Insurance
  •  Decare Dental insurance
  •  GLO Health Insurance
  • Laya medical
  •  Vhi medical
  • & Irish Life Health Insurances
At Frazer Dental , we can also fill in any Garda Medical Aid Insurances or Hospital Saturday Fund Insurances for you.
If you wish to use VHI Dental Direct Pay you must call VHI dental first to confirm eligibility as well as letting us know in advance (see diagram) :
Frazer Dental , Implants & Orthodontics is featured on the VHi Dental Network website.
For more info about VHI Dental Direct Pay or any insurance policy use , simply call Frazer Dental on 0429668929 or email our reception team at [email protected]