Sometimes composite bonding techniques are used to reshape teeth if patients have some minor gaps to close or chipped teeth or short teeth due to grinding , composite veneers can be used to widen & even out the smile, giving you the fuller smile you have been looking for.

Composite bonding & composite veneers are a great way of improving your smile instantly without the need to drill down your own teeth such as for traditional porcelain veneers , usually everything is done same day

The advantage of composite veneers are :

  • No drilling down of your natural tooth 
  • Pain free as no aesthetic or needles are required 
  • Instant result as the composite veneers are done same day 
  • Lasts 4-6 years & more if you come back regularly to have them polished 
  • Reversible 
  • Cheaper alternative to braces to close gaps or change the shape of teeth 
  • Wearing  a grinding guard at the end of treatment protects the veneers from chipping , wear the guard every night 


We cannot give accurate pricing without a full consultation first. We recommend calling Frazer Dental 0429668929 to arrange a consultation today.  Edge bonding costs from €150 to €350 depending on coverage