Our friendly hygienists are on hand to clean and polish your children’s teeth.  This is the best way of maintaining a sparkling smile.

Does your child need to see a paediatric dental hygienist? Here’s some questions which you might currently be asking yourself:
  • Is your child building up unusual stain on their teeth ?
  • Is your child prone to tartar ?
  • Are your child’s adult teeth just not as white as you would like them to be ?
  • Is your child finding it harder to keep their teeth clean since getting braces ?
If you have answered yes to any of the above, then your child would benefit from a visit to our friendly dental hygienists at Frazer Dental .   Simply  call Frazer Dental today to book a children’s hygienist appointment for your little one. We recommend starting regular visits to the hygienist from age 6 onwards as this is when their adult teeth start erupting.
If your child is new to the practice or hasn’t seen the dentist in the last 12 months, we recommend a full check up first before seeing the hygienist .
Our hygienists will give expert oral hygiene advice and tailored home care to suit your child’s needs. They will share tips such as how to clean around your brace as children and teenagers wearing braces require more frequent hygienist visits for optimal dental health.
Our hygienists also apply protective coatings, called fissure seals, to children from age 6 to protect their back molars from tooth decay .
Our children’s hygienist price list:
  • Children’s hygienist visit ( age 12 & under )  : 35 euro
  • Teenager’s hygienist visit ( age 13-18) : 50 euro
  • Student hygienist visit ( age under 25 with valid student card ) : 50 euro
If you have any queries email us : [email protected] or call Frazer Dental 0429668929