Children’s Braces

Early intervention from our specialist orthodontist

Dr. Hegarty at Frazer Dental can help your child avoid developing of future orthodontic issues. At Frazer Dental, we believe it is best to visit us as soon as you notice your child’s teeth are not coming down in the right place.

We recommend booking your child’s first visit to the dentist when they aged 2 or 3 and their first visit to the orthodontist is usually between the age of 7 and 10.

We don’t believe it is best to wait until your child has all his/her adult teeth before seeing the orthodontist, as often at this point it is too late and your child will need to have teeth extracted to correct their orthodontic problems.

No Extraction Philosophy at Frazer Dental

Nowadays the emphasis with children’s braces is on avoiding dental extractions as in the past there used to be a general rule that children would have braces later on in their teenage years and often 4 extractions would be required in most cases to align the teeth at this stage.
Dr. Hegarty’s no extraction orthodontic approach is great news for children and parents alike! Our orthodontist Dr. Hegarty is an advocate of early orthodontic intervention to avoid the need for unnecessary dental extractions. We need to assess your child before they have lost all their baby teeth, so usually before the age of 11 in order to allow us plan your child’s orthodontic treatment  so that this approach can be adopted.  This avoids your child requiring the standard extraction of 4 adult teeth in the majority of cases.

Bring your child to the orthodontist early

We know now that children our best seeing our orthodontist  at Frazer Dental at a younger age so that we can prevent the need for dental extractions and use the natural growth of the child’s jaw , by treatment planning children when they are younger , to achieve a wider broader smile in the long term .
What age should I bring my child to the orthodontist for the first time?
If your child is developing any of the following issues ,then we recommend bringing them to see Dr David Orthodontist at Frazer Dental at age 6-8.

Children’s brace options

Most children’s braces are traditional metal  or ceramic ( clear ) braces. We also use removable braces, such as twin block appliances and removable braces at a younger age, around the age of 7-9, in cases where the upper teeth are protruding or where the child is developing  a cross-bite and wearing down their teeth.
We also offer Invisalign braces for teenagers. These are removable clear braces for teenagers who do not want traditional train track style braces .
At Frazer Dental in Kingscourt our orthodontist, Dr. David Hegarty is trained in all types of children’s and adult braces . He works with his orthodontic therapist together to help our patients of all ages achieve the wide, straight smile they have always dreamed about. Our orthodontic clinic and emergency orthodontic clinics run weekly so you never have to wait too long to see our orthodontist should you need us.
Flexible payment plans 
All orthodontic treatments can be paid off  over 6-24 months with our flexible, interest-free, payment plans.  A low initial deposit is agreed at your initial braces consultation with Dr. Hegarty and a payment plan is then made allowing you to pay off the balance over the length of the braces treatment .