Lisa Cannon, TV presenter visits Frazer Dental for her Cosmetic dentistry needs!

We were delighted to have Lisa at the practice recently to get her pearly whites in pristine condition for the new series of her Virgin Media movie show Box Office .

Lisa had our: Pain-free Air Polish, 1 hour Zoom! Tooth Whitening & Tooth reshaping

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile, give us a call at Frazer Dental 042 9668929 & we will be only too happy to book you a no obligation cosmetic consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists!


Did you know we don’t use impressions anymore? Great News if you have a sensitive gag reflex!

Did you know we don’t use impressions anymore? Great News if you have a sensitive gag reflex!

Yes, We now have a state of art intraoral scanner which means we can take instant images of your teeth to send to our lab.

This means we can get our Crowns, Bridges, Braces & implants all made in less than a week! Happy Days, with no messy moulds of your teeth!

Frazer Dental, Implants & Orthodontics – your local, high technology, award winning dental practice.

Frazer Dental new proud sponsors of the Kingscourt Boys Under 12’s!

Frazer Dental & Orthodontics are proud sponsors of the Kingscourt Boys Under 12’s Gaelic Football Team!

Don’t you think their new jerseys look so smart ??

Pictured here are : Sarah Carberry (one of Frazer Dental hygienists), her son Declan who is on the team, Dr Rachael & her son Ross (team mascot!), Gabriel Patterson (Team coach) and the whole Kingscourt boys team of course! Go on the boys!

FREE Invisalign consultations

Are you thinking about removable braces? Invisalign is suitable for teenagers & adults .

With our scanner we can actually show you how straight your teeth will be AFTER Invisalign.

It is a completely clear brace , a great alternative to traditional braces .

Call the Frazer Dental & Orthodontics team to arrange a complimentary Invisalign consultation today.📞 042 9668929


Children’s & Adult Orthodontist available EVERY WEEK at Frazer Dental

Are you worried your child might need braces?

Our orthodontist Dr David is a consultant , specialist orthodontist & he provides braces for everyone from the age of 7 upwards .

We recommend bringing in your child from age 7 for a consultation if you are worried about how their adult teeth are developing. Removable braces are a simple way to correct Orthodontic issues at an earlier age. We also provide fixed train track braces , clear braces & Invisalign for older children , teenagers & lingual (completely hidden on the inside of your teeth) braces for adults C

The friendly Frazer Dental & Orthodontics team are here to help, call 042 9668929 to arrange an orthodontist consultation today.

We cater for everyone from the very young to the not so young at Frazer Dental!

All our surgeries are wheelchair accessible. We welcome everyone young & old. Medical card patients are most welcome too.

Thinking of getting new dentures?

  • We provide a 24 hour denture repair service
  • We make NEW DENTURES : Private flexible dentures & chrome denture as well as medical card dentures

Tired of loose fitting dentures?

  • Our dentures can be secured with dental implants for extra security. Book an implant consultation to learn more about dental implants & implant retained dentures

Nervous of the dentist?

  • We offer IV sedation for anyone who has a fear of the dentist

The friendly Frazer Dental team are here to help, call 042 9668929 for more information.


Thinking of Botox in 2020?

Want to erase your wrinkles ?

At Frazer Dental we offer complimentary anti-wrinkle consultations with our facial aesthetics practitioner Dr Joe.

These clinics are on Wednesdays & we offer special offers such as 2 areas for the price of 1 .

Dr Joe guarantees pain – free anti wrinkle treatments with full discretion guaranteed.

If you are thinking about having antiwrinkle / anti ageing treatments done , why not give us a call to arrange a complimentary chat with Dr Joe? Simply call Frazer Dental on 042 9668929

Happy New Year! We wish you all a healthy & happy 2020!

From the friendly Frazer Dental, Implants & Orthodontics team

We look forward to seeing you all in 2020

Photos attached were taken at our recent Christmas Party in the Nuremore. Most of the team were in attendance & we had a fab night . Music on the night was by the Fantastic Fuzzy Burgers.

Unfortunately some of the team were missing on the night :
Catherine Reilly & Tiffany Winder ( our fab dental nurses )
Dr Julianna ( implantologist ) & her implant nurse Azurra .
Louise : Our Orthodontist Therapist
Colete Sheridan : Dental Hygienist .

I hope you enjoy the photos & once again we wish you all a fantastic 2020!

❤️ Much love.

Did you know our AIR POLISH clean is SAFE on crowns & braces?

Our gentle dental hygienists at Frazer Dental offer pain-free Air Polish cleans.

We recommend these for anyone who is nervous, has braces on, crowns / veneers, children, teenagers and anyone who has stained teeth such as tea/coffee/red wine drinkers!

Air polish @ Frazer Dental costs:

  • €15 (with Prsi)
  • €60 private (if no Prsi)
  • €50 student (age 16 – 20 with student card)
  • €35 child rate (for under 15)

Call 042 9668929 to book your pain free air polish today!


Frazer Dental opens every Saturday!

Did you know we open EVERY Saturday?

Frazer Dental , Implants & Orthodontics is open every Saturday 8.30am – 2.30 pm for your convenience.

Services we offer on Saturdays :

  • General dentistry & emergency dentistry
  • Hygienist appointments for children & adults
  • Air polish appointments
  • Orthodontist appointments
  • Oral surgeon appointments
  • IV sedation
  • Baby tongue tie repair
  • Root canal / endodontics

Call 042 9668929 for more info to arrange an appointment with our award winning dental team on any Saturday!