Profhilo and other injectable ‘skin boosters’ now available @frazerdental

Injectable moisturiser? Here’s what you need to know

The first of its kind, Profhilo® is a revolutionary ‘beneath the skin’ hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment, to give you a lasting glow . It is an ideal treatment for anyone who wants to look natural , yet younger as it plumps and smooths the skin to leave you looking more radiant and healthy .

Why not book a Skin consultation today with our aesthetics practitioner Dr James Rooney to see if Profhilo would work for you?  
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Profhilo involves having around eight strategically placed injections administered subcutaneously in the lower part of the face, which can leave small bee sting-like swellings that can last up to 24hrs (with risk of minor bruising) . Reassuringly, there are no other negatives to Profhilo, which is why it appeals to many over other injectable treatments such as wrinkle-relaxing toxins and traditional fillers.

Two sessions are required, around six weeks apart, and most people see the best results around three-to-four weeks after their second session, although many notice benefits after the first treatment. The benefits include a plumping of the skin – nothing like regular fillers might do to enhance your contours, but it grants  a significant fuller-yet-tighter look nonetheless – as well as a smoothing of crêpiness and a youthful ‘you look well!’ glow. This is ideal treatment for anyone who wants natural looking younger , glowier skin.

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3 for 2 Special offer on antiwrinkle injections

Introducing our new twice per month facial aesthetics clinic !  Natural results guaranteed.

With Dr James Rooney , aesthetic practitioner

💜SAVE ON antiwrinkle injections !! 3 for 2 ! 💜

💜Only 239 euro for 3 areas of antiwrinkle injections —so 3 areas for price of 2!!!💜

This is the best value price for antiwrinkle injections in County Cavan / County Meath / County Monaghan & County Louth !! Why not book a complimentary skin consultation here now to see what treatments are recommended for you .

Also offering : antiwrinkle injections for migraine , headaches , sweating in arms & hands , teeth grinding .

Full list of aesthetic services:

✅Anti wrinkle injections for : Face, Neck , Smoker’s  lines

✅Gummy smile  & bunny line treatments

✅Injectable Skin Moisturizer: Profhilo & Skin boosters

✅Jaw slimming & neck / décolletage Filler /antiwrinkle injections

✅Lip filler & Lip Flip

✅Dermal fillers for  facial recontouring

Men & women welcome

Book a FREE skin consultation here now !

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Fissure seals , ‘Prevention is better than cure‘

All you need to know !

Here are some FAQ’s regarding fissure sealants answered by our Paediatric dentists at Frazer Dental, Implants & Orthodontics in Kingscourt 🦷, your local children’s dental practice in County Cavan .


-1-How can parents prevent decay in children’s teeth ?

Many parents want to know how can we prevent our children’s teeth from needing fillings , well fissure sealants are the answer ! Fissure seals are an easy way of protecting your children’s teeth from developing decay & they are a pain-free treatment !!

-2-What age do we recommend fissure seals in children ?

Children and adults can have fissure seals and we recommend fissure seals from age 5 upwards.

-3-How are fissure seals done ?

They are a pain-free treatment, where we apply various layers of varnish /paint to the teeth to seal the grooves and this makes the grooves more shallow, each layer of varnish is set with a blue light giving it strength & durability.  It takes approximately 5-10 mins to seal a tooth with a protective fissure sealant .

Why do fissure seals on you or your child’s teeth ?

Well if you or your child is nervous of the dentist , fissure seals are a lot easier to do than a filling and cost less too  , so definitely worth getting your children’s teeth sealed to make sure the teeth are protected from decay .

-4-Cost of fissure sealants ?

Fissure seals are a lot more cost effective than fillings , costing usually 35 euro per tooth rather than a filling which would cost approximately 100 euro per tooth , so definitely a cost saving here when one compares the cost of placing a fissure sealant with the cost of a children’s filling.

-5-Is a check up needed first ?

Yes, we always need to do a check up before we can recommend fissure sealants as we can only seal a healthy , decay-free tooth . If there are any signs of staining / decay then the tooth might not be suitable for fissure sealing but one of our dentists will devise a treatment plan at your initial consultation with us.

-6-What age do you recommend your child’s first dental check up ?

We ideally like to start see children regularly at the dentist from age 3 upwards , this is very beneficial in ensuring your child has a positive experience at the dentist . By bringing children from a young age to the dentist , we can ensure they don’t develop a dental phobia . Don’t wait til your child has a toothache or dental problem to bring them to the dentist! Book their first dental check up around the age of 3@Frazer Dental.

Book a fissure seal consultation or dental check up now by clicking here :

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Considering braces?

👍—Considering braces ?

👍—Need to see an orthodontist?

👍—Want to start your braces this summer ?

👍—No waiting list for orthodontist means you can get seen immediately @frazerdental

👍—Looking for orthodontist in County Cavan, County Meath , County Louth or Monaghan?

Frazer Dental 🦷 in Kingscourt can help 💜

GREAT NEWS! At Frazer Dental , due to demand, we have added EXTRA orthodontic assessment clinics this July and August which means you can book a brace assessment now and get seen straight away💜

We guarantee to see you or your child during July /August and get your braces started during the summer holidays.  We offer interest free payment plans , with a low initial deposit and a monthly payment plan so get in touch if you have any questions by phone 📞 042 9668929

Or email :

You can book an orthodontic consultation online now by clicking here :

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White spots on your teeth? Introducing ICON white spot treatment


If you have white patches on your teeth, Frazer Dental can help . We are now using a revolutionary new treatment called ICON, which help’s improve the appearance of white spots or a mottled appearance of the teeth in a PAIN-FREE way !  This means without the need for an injection or drilling.

Frazer Dental, Implants & Orthodontics is your local award winning dentist for ICON white spot removal treatment serving County Cavan, Meath , Louth & Monaghan .

If you have white spots on your teeth since birth , or if they appeared  after orthodontic treatment such as braces , ICON could work for you . Icon is a non invasive treatment and is suitable for nervous patients and even children / teenagers who might be self conscious of the appearance of these frosty white patches on teeth.

Book a consultation today to find out more.

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Composite Bonding: What is it? Am I suitable?

Some indications for composite bonding or composite veneers;
~Got gaps in your front teeth which annoy you?
~Have you worn down the edges of your teeth?
~Are your teeth chipped or uneven?
~Do you wish your teeth looked more regular?
~Not sure if you need braces?

If so, perhaps composite bonding could be a suitable alternative to braces for you. Book a bonding consultation today to see how we can improve your smile in a single, PAIN-FREE visit with composite bonding or composite veneers.

~How do you know if you are suitable?

A bonding consultation is a great way to see if you are suitable and a consultation costs just 50 euro.  At this appointment, our cosmetic dentists can show you what can be achieved and can do a mock up of required so you will leave with a clear idea and a dedicated treatment plan explaining all costs.

~Cost of composite bonding:

Typically composite bonding costs from 125 euro per tooth, gap closures typically can Cody more : perhaps 200-250 per tooth and composite veneers cost 300-350 euro per tooth. This pricing is only a rough guide.

Book a bonding consultation online NOW:

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Here are some recent examples of cases of composite bonding completed at Frazer Dental:


Now available 3 days per wk at Frazer Dental .

Dr Stuart Clarke is a very experienced tongue tie provider & provides this special service every Thursday-Saturday @Frazer Dental .Dr Stuart is on hand to guide worried parents through the simple process of assessing & repairing your baby’s tongue tie.

Here is a little more info about our tongue tie surgeon –

Dr Clarke works with the South Eastern Trust of Northern Ireland, providing training to midwifery students in diagnosis and treatment of infant tongue ties. Repair of infant tongue ties is something Dr Clarke has a particular interest in, and is currently writing a dissertation paper on the effects and best treatment for this condition. Parents may contact us directly or request a referral from their medical provider. Assessment and treatment can be undertaken on the same day and Dr Clarke is always happy to  discuss all aspects of treatment and aftercare in full.

If you have any further questions about tongue tie , or would like to book a tongue tie consultation call 📞 FrazerDental 0429668929 or book online here

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Great news! Extended opening hours : 8am -3 pm EVERY Saturday at Frazer 🦷 Dental

Did you know we now open every Saturday at Frazer Dental , Implants & Orthodontics ? FRAZER Dental provides dentistry for County Cavan , Meath, Louth & Monaghan.

What treatments are available on Saturdays?

  • Routine dental care
  • Emergency dental care for kids & adults
  • Zoom One hour tooth whitening
  • Composite bonding consultations
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Invisalign consultations
  • Paediatric dental care
  • Orthodontist consultations
  • Dental hygienist appointments
  • Periodontal disease management

Our dental hygienist Imelda works 3 Saturdays per month.

Medical card, PRSI & private patients welcome!

To book a dentist appointment, hygienist appointment or orthodontist appointment at FRAZER Dental for any Saturday just call us 0429668929 or book online

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This Christmas , Frazer Dental is open for all sorts of dental emergencies :
23rd December 8 am – 4.30pm
24th-27th Closed
28th and 29th 8.45 am – 5 pm
30th December 8.45am- 2pm
Closed 31st Dec -2nd Jan
Reopen 8am -6pm on Tuesday 3rd Jan
CALL 📞 0429668929 or 0876201548
Or book online
If you need an emergency dentist appointment for child , adult or if you are nervous patient , Frazer Dental are here to help.  We also can see orthodontic emergencies on these clinics. FRAZER Dental is proud to offer emergency appointments for private , PRSI and medical card patients and we serve County Cavan, County Meath , County Louth & County Meath.
Just call 📞 0429668929 or book online yourself on our website
Emergency 🚨 Out of hours advice line please phone 📞 0876201548
New patients welcome
Prsi patients welcome for FREE check up & 15 euro clean annually
Medical card patients welcome for FREE check up , FREE clean , 2 free fillings, dentures & root canal on front teeth as well as extractions
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**No need to wait !** November ORTHODONTIST Clinic Dates Released

Get BRACES for you or your child NOW!!

Book an orthodontist consultation at FRAZER Dental for ceramic ( clear braces ) , metal braces , lingual ( hidden braces ) and Invisalign .

Children’s & adults welcome .

Next Orthodontist clinic dates :
4th , 5th ,11th ,18th ,19th November

✅Interest Free Payment plans available
✅Sibling Orthodontic discounts

Call 📞 Frazer Dental to book your specialist  orthodontist consultation today 0429668929 or book online here

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