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Has your child got MIH? – Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation

MIH or molar incisor hypomineralisation can affect your children’s teeth from age 5+. If you need to find a friendly Paediatric or childen’s dentist in Cavan/Meath/Louth or Monaghan, Frazer Dental can help. Has your child got MIH? This condition is characterised by weak, chalky enamel and it affects the first permanent molars & incisors most […]

Have you been told your child needs a specialist Paediatric Dentist? Looking for a children’s dental practice & orthodontist in Cavan, Meath, Louth or Monaghan?

Perhaps your general dentist doesn’t treat children and has recommended that your child attend a specialist dental practice for children? Frazer Dental may be a good option for your family’s dental needs. We offer dentistry for the whole family. Often at Frazer Dental, we meet a parent who attends us with their child after been […]

FREE Invisalign consultations

Are you thinking about removable braces? Invisalign is suitable for teenagers & adults . With our scanner we can actually show you how straight your teeth will be AFTER Invisalign. It is a completely clear brace , a great alternative to traditional braces . Call the Frazer Dental & Orthodontics team to arrange a complimentary […]