White spots on your teeth? Introducing ICON white spot treatment


If you have white patches on your teeth, Frazer Dental can help . We are now using a revolutionary new treatment called ICON, which help’s improve the appearance of white spots or a mottled appearance of the teeth in a PAIN-FREE way !  This means without the need for an injection or drilling.

Frazer Dental, Implants & Orthodontics is your local award winning dentist for ICON white spot removal treatment serving County Cavan, Meath , Louth & Monaghan .

If you have white spots on your teeth since birth , or if they appeared  after orthodontic treatment such as braces , ICON could work for you . Icon is a non invasive treatment and is suitable for nervous patients and even children / teenagers who might be self conscious of the appearance of these frosty white patches on teeth.

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