Composite Bonding: What is it? Am I suitable?

Some indications for composite bonding or composite veneers;
~Got gaps in your front teeth which annoy you?
~Have you worn down the edges of your teeth?
~Are your teeth chipped or uneven?
~Do you wish your teeth looked more regular?
~Not sure if you need braces?

If so, perhaps composite bonding could be a suitable alternative to braces for you. Book a bonding consultation today to see how we can improve your smile in a single, PAIN-FREE visit with composite bonding or composite veneers.

~How do you know if you are suitable?

A bonding consultation is a great way to see if you are suitable and a consultation costs just 50 euro.  At this appointment, our cosmetic dentists can show you what can be achieved and can do a mock up of required so you will leave with a clear idea and a dedicated treatment plan explaining all costs.

~Cost of composite bonding:

Typically composite bonding costs from 125 euro per tooth, gap closures typically can Cody more : perhaps 200-250 per tooth and composite veneers cost 300-350 euro per tooth. This pricing is only a rough guide.

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Here are some recent examples of cases of composite bonding completed at Frazer Dental: