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What’s New at Frazer Dental?

There is always something happening at Frazer Dental! We take a proactive approach to ensure both a positive patient experience as well as continual professional development. We also participate in National Campaigns such as Mouth Cancer Awareness Day; offering free screening for Mouth Cancer, as well as fun days and competitions for our patients!

You will find all of our latest news & upcoming events here, as well as on our Facebook Page.

Want Whiter Teeth this Christmas????

Affordable & Safe Teeth Whitening which really works !!!'

At Frazer Dental , we offer a bespoke tooth whitening service. Our whitening products are completely safe and professional dentist quality , meaning they will really whiten your teeth - giving you guaranteed results. No chemist or supermarket whitening product will whiten your ️️teeth to the same level as the specialised whitening products available at Frazer Dental.

1. What type of whitening products do we offer?

We offer a same day whitening service as well as take home whitening kits allowing us to provide you with the type of whitening which will work best for you - even if you usually have sensitive teeth ! With affordable prices from only 149 euro for our take home whitening kit .
2. Can I whiten my teeth if they are sensitive ? 
At Frazer Dental , we recommend a type of whitening which is only worn for 30 mins per day for 1 week to any patients who have ️Sensitive teeth . This guarantees great results for even the most Sensitive teeth . Our Sensitive tooth whitening costs from 179 euro.

3. How should I prepare for teeth whitening?
It is important that your teeth & gums are healthy and clean before whitening . 
For best results ,we recommend a full check up & getting your teeth cleaned &air polished before whitening them - so give us a call to arrange a consultation today. We guarantee you will be glad you called Frazer Dental . We are here to help you achieve a bright white and healthy smile.
For best results , use Sensitive toothpaste (such as Sensodyne)for at least 2 weeks before whitening your teeth .
4. What's the minimum age for teeth whitening?
We require that all patients are at least 18 years old .
5. Can I whiten my teeth if I have fillings / crowns / veneers ?
It is important to book a check up first to be sure your teeth are suitable for whitening as sometimes White fillings or Crowns will not whiten so it is important that we assess your teeth first. Sometimes when you get your ️️teeth cleaned with our Air Polish , the stains come off your fillings and other times , we will recommend changing any dark or stained old fillings after the whitening process is completed to ensure your any fillings you have match the colour of your newly whitened teeth.
6. What's the difference between 'beautician or chemist whitening products ' and ' dentist prescribed ' whitening ?
Over the counter whitening gels & toothpastes such as those sold in shops & beauticians legally cannot contain the required percentage of peroxide required to successfully whiten your teeth . Dentist presribed whitening products contain up to 6% Hydrogen Peroxide or 16 % Carbamide Peroxide. Over the counter whitening products by law must contain no more than 0.1% peroxide , meaning they won't damage your teeth but they won't actually whiten your teeth either unfortunately.
7. Have you further questions about safe and successful teeth whitening?
Simply call Frazer Dental on 042 9668929 , we would only be too happy to chat to you about ️teeth whitening. Our whitening costs from only 149 euro .
Check out our website for details of our tooth whitening offers .

Win a Pain-Free AIR POLISH

Win a Pain-Free AIR POLISH with our Gentle Dental Hygienist Colette
Air Polish- the most pain-free & newest way to clean teeth !

  • safe on braces, crowns, veneers, children
  • ideal for smokers & for
  • stain removal : heavy tea/coffee drinkers
  • less sensitive than regular cleaning
  • great for anyone who is nervous!

Worried about gum disease? Need your teeth cleaned?

️Meet our Dental Hygienist Collette Sheridan !

Collette is our friendly gentle dental hygienist , hailing from Castletown , Co Meath . She completed her training in Trinity College Dublin & won the prestigious Dentistry award for Clinical Excellence in 2009.  Colette aims to put all her patients at ease by guaranteeing comfortable tooth cleaning every-time . 
Hygienist  Menu at Frazer Dental -
1. Hygiene Appointment ( 30 mins , includes AirPolish ) : €60 
2.Protective Coatings / Fissure Sealants -€25   
3. Clean with Anaesthetic - €75 
4. Gum Disease Management / Deep Root Cleaning : from €100 - €125 (Price depends on severity of gum disease & number of appointments )  
To book your next hygienist appointment , please call 042 9668929 


Collette Sheridan Dental Hygienist

' Free Oral Cancer Screening ' at Frazer Dental for Mouth Cancer Awareness Day , September 21st

Did you know that over 300 cases of cancer of the mouth are detected in Ireland each year?

Mouth Cancer is the 6 th most common type of cancer in Ireland. If detected early, these cancers are easily treated. Unfortunately oral cancers are usually detected late in Ireland, as the general population do not attend the dentist frequently enough .

 How often do you attend the dentist? There is a common misconception that you don't need to go to the dentist unless you have a toothache and especially if you have no teeth of your own!

If you wear dentures, or haven't been to a dentist in a long time, Dr. Rachael Frazer, of Frazer Dental in Kingscourt urges you to attend their free oral cancer screening event on September 21st, National Oral Cancer Awareness Day. We are proudly hosting this event in conjunction with the Irish Dental Association & Irish Cancer Society.

Dr. Rachael Frazer & her award winning dental practice, Frazer Dental, in Kingscourt , which features 3 dentists , an oral surgeon and an orthodontist, are offering free oral cancer checks for everyone on the day.  The examination is quick and painless. You don't have to be a regular patient of practice to attend. Please take this opportunity by taking 10 minutes to do something that could save your life.

Dr Frazer , winner of Ulster's Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year 2015, welcomes all nervous patients to attend her dental practice. We understand at Frazer Dental that many folk have a fear of the dentist and may have put if off for a long time. Our practice is a friendly relaxed environment, so there is no need to be nervous. Simply give Frazer Dental a call on 042 9668929 to arrange your complimentary oral cancer check.

Dr Frazer outlines the main signs and symptoms of oral cancer below:

  • An ulcer that doesn't heal or that bleeds , for more than 14 days
  • A growth , lump or thickening of the skin or lining of the mouth or lips
  • Loose teeth
  • Poorly fitting dentures
  • Tongue pain
  • Jaw stiffness or pain
  • Difficulty eating or chewing
  • Difficulty or painful swallowing
  • Sore throat
  • A white or red patch in the mouth


Risk Factors for oral cancer :

1.Tobacco use - cigarettes, pipes , cigars, snuff

2.Heavy Alcohol Use

3.Using alcohol and tobacco together greatly increases your risk

4.Excessive sun exposure on lips (lip cancer is very common in farmers and anyone who spends most of their time outside)

5.A weakened immune system

  1. A diet low in fruit and vegetables

7.Viral infections such as HPV( human papillomavirus) which is spread through oral sex

  1. Men are more likely than women to develop mouth cancer, and it tends to affect older people rather than younger individuals.

What should you do if you suspect oral cancer?

Attend your general dentist who can examine your mouth and advise you best. You can minimise your risk of developing oral cancer by attending your dentist at least once per year even if you have no remaining natural teeth.

'An oral cancer screen is part of every dental check up at Frazer Dental in Kingscourt. It could save your life! ' explains Dr Frazer.

Please note that your annual dental check up may be covered through your PRSI or medical card.

You can find out more about oral cancer on the Frazer Dental website under our ' news and blog' section and on the Mouth Cancer Awareness Ireland website.



*NEW!! Orthodontics!! BRACES for everyone !!!! From age 6 - including INVISALiGN!

We welcome Consultant Orthodontist Dr Hegarty EVERY Thursday @ Frazer Dental late appointments available **


Dr Hegarty specialises in:

  • Children's braces - from age 6
  • Removable braces
  • Adults braces - Invisalign
  • Hidden braces( incognito )


Dr Hegarty Clinic Dates: 6-9 pm

18th August

1st September

18th September


Call 042 9668929 or facebook us 

**WE'VE MOVED !!!** to the Rock's Road!

Do you recognise our new building ?
We have spent the last 6 months doing up the old doctor's surgery in Kingscourt .
Have a look at the photos to see the changes that have been made - 
We now have: 
-3 dentist surgeries in Kingscourt
-dedicated decontamination room 
-separate lead-lined Xray room
-consultation room 
-separate waiting room &  reception areas 
Frazer Dental open til 9pm Wednesday & Thursday
And all day SATURDAY 9-5 pm 

'Straight white teeth in 6 mths' ? Book a FREE braces consultation with Dr Frazer

Check out our video to see how Frazer Dental practice in Kingscourt can help you achieve straight white teeth in as little as 6 months . Dr Frazer is here to help . 

Wisdom teeth advice ! From our Oral Surgeon . We're here to help .

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, commonly start to erupt into the mouth between the ages of 17-35.

Why do they cause problems?

Unfortunately most people do not have enough room in their jaw for wisdom teeth so they often erupt at angles

What problems can wisdom teeth cause?

1.Food packing and even decay in the wisdom tooth or adjacent tooth

2.Inflammation of the gum

3.Bad taste & bad breath

4.Pain & swelling in the gum , jaw joint & ear

5.Pus & infection around the wisdom tooth

What can be done at Frazer Dental?

Frazer Dental, your local dental practice in Kingscourt can now perform all wisdom teeth Xrays and extract all troublesome wisdom teeth here.


This eliminates the need to travel to neighbouring cities such as Dublin or Newry !

Our specialist oral and facial surgeon Dr Chris Vinall performs surgical wisdom teeth extractions, with Sedation as well as a multitude of other treatments.

Dr. Chris Vinall Oral Dentist at Frazer Dental Care

Dr. Chris Vinall MB BCh BAO BA BDS MFDRCSI MRCS(Eng) IDC No: 2605

Are you nervous?

You can relax at Frazer Dental, our experienced team can use IV sedation to ensure an hour in the dental chair seems like a minute!

What is IV sedation?

Intra venous ️️Sedation uses the vein in the back of your hand and induces a deep state of relaxation , helping you to relax when having surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth extractions. 'IV Sedation makes an hour in the dental chair seem like only minutes

What is a specialist oral & facial surgeon?

An Oral Surgeon is a specialist in surgical dental procedures such as:

  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions & Sedation
  • Exposure of impacted teeth
  • Release of tongue tie in babies & children
  • Removal of jaw cysts & oral cancer
  • Botox and anti-ageing facial treatments
  • Excessive sweating & migraine management
  • Jaw joint pain
  • Apicoectomies
  • Facial mole removal
  • Biopsy of swellings/lumps in the mouth


What days is oral & facial surgeon available in Kingscourt?

Dr Vinall runs his clinic every second SATURDAY in Frazer Dental from 9-6 pm .

How do I make an appointment with Dr. Vinall .

Call us Today+353 (42) 9668929

Or Facebook us

Or fill in the Contact Us form

We are here to help , simply ask !



MouthResults-of-Wisdom-TeethProblems-with-Wisdom-Teeth - Copy


Celebrating 1 year of Frazer Dental 's Community Children's Oral Education Programme


Imagine it is a year now since we began our ️️ORAL education initiative -

And we have had such fun !! 

Here our some photos of us out and about visiting schools , preschools & scouts groups !!

This programme is FREE for everyone & open to all preschools, schools and scouts groups ! 

How to avail of a visit from us : 

1.Simply call Frazer Dental : 042 9668929 with your schools contact details . 

2.We will then give you a date for your FREE visit from us !

Medical Card entitlements @ Frazer Dental

At Frazer Dental we frequently get asked what a medical card covers at the dentist so we've decided to write a blog post to answer your questions ! 

A medical card will cover - 

-1 dental check up per year (including X-rays)

-2 fillings per year 

-Root canal treatments on front teeth (prior approval from HSE needed )

-Dentures ( prior approval from HSE needed) 

-A dental cleaning ( if you are pregnant only - prior approval from HSE needed )




What does a medical card not cover ?

-Dental cleaning ( except when pregnant )

-Root canal treatment on side or back teeth 

-Gum disease management 


-Cosmetic dentistry including braces 


If you have any further queries , please contact a member of the award-winning Frazer Dental team today .


1.Email :

2.Facebook us- Frazer Dental Kingscourt 

3.Or simply call 042 9668929 


PRSI Cover

We are regularly asked about what level of cover PRSI offers. Frequently asked questions are;

Q.1.What does PRSI cover at the dentist?
You are entitled to 1 annual dental check-up
**Spouses may be covered under their partners PRSI also, so please contact us with both your PPS number & your partner's  PPS number so we can confirm both your eligibility before your appointment with us .

Q2. I thought cleaning & fillings were covered?
Unfortunately cleaning or any other treatments are no longer covered ( since 2009, there have been  major cutbacks to PRSI entitlements at the dentist )

We hope this answers your queries !
Contact Frazer Dental today with your PPS number so we can check your PRSI entitlements for you!




Video footage of the Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year awards 2015 in the RDS Dublin.


Frazer Dental crowned "Most child friendly dental practice in Ireland"

Great news for Frazer Dental Kingscourt on winning the "Most Child Friendly Practice in Ireland" award at The Irish Dentistry Awards. The 2016 Irish Dentistry Awards took central Dublin by storm on Friday 29th January with an astounding ceremony and party. Frazer Dental Kingscourt were finalists in 3 categories : Best new dental practice , Most child friendly practice and Best rising star in Irish Dentistry (Dr. Frazer)

This is the second win for Dr. Rachael Frazer , a native of Kingscourt,having been crowned  Ulster’s Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year in December of last year, for her care and compassion of nervous patients. Rachael opened her friendly, patient- focused dental practice in August 2014 and is very proud of the whole Frazer Dental team. 'We could not have become a multi-award winning dental practice in such a short space of time without the dedication of each member of the Frazer Dental team', she says. Our nurses ( Edel Sheenan and Amy Burns) and dentists (Dr.Frazer and Dr. Mc Grath) work together to help even the most nervous of children and adults feel relaxed in the dreaded dental chair. Rachael explains that the Frazer Dental aim is to ensure that especially children do not grow up with a fear of the dentist that their parents and grandparents may have done.We are honoured to be recognised as Ireland's most child friendly dental practice. We have relaxing massage dental chairs,tooth fairy doors dotted throughout the practice and each child gets a reward after each visit to us, so this helps to remove the fear factor from a trip to the dentist. We also visit schools. preschools and scouts groups in the area giving oral hygiene talks.

You can find out more about Frazer Dental Kingscourt on their website and their Facebook page





Noeleen Smyth , Moynalty Congratulations!!!
THANK YOU ! to everyone who entered our Christmas & New Year’s competition
Happy New Year from the friendly Frazer Dental Kingscourt team .
We look forward to looking after you & your families in 2016. Need a dentist that opens LATE? Frazer Dental Kingscourt continues to open late till 9 pm ️Wednesday & Thursdays & on Saturdays 9-5pm throughout 2016.

Air-polish-beforeafter Air-polish


We were honoured to WIN ULSTER's SENSODYNE Sensitive Dentist 2015. The shock is finally wearing in !  Here's  some photos of when our nominating  patient Connie visited us recently - thank you Connie!

Next stop is the IRISH DENTISTRY AWARDS January 30th.

We are FINALISTS in 3 Categories:

  • Best new practice
  • Best child friendly practice
  • Dentistry Rising Star Award for Dr. Frazer

THANK YOU once again for your continued support . It means so much.From the friendly Frazer Dental team.

Dentistry-photo Dentistry-Awards


CALL Frazer Dental 042 9668929 OR Facebook message us .

We are open 24th,26th,29th & 30th December BY APPOINTMENT ONLY- PLEASE CALL TO ARRANGE A TIME

Merry Christmas to all our loyal patients. We resume normal working hours 4th January .

Dr Rachael Frazer & the friendly Frazer Dental team



The team at Frazer Dental are delighted to be awarded the Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist award for Ulster in 2015. Thanks again to all our patients for the nominations with a special thanks to Constance Kavanagh who nominated us for this national award. Constance nominated us for helping her regain her beautiful smile after years of being afraid of the dentist .Constance has overcome her fear of the dentist once and for all and our aim at Frazer Dental is to help other nervous patients to get to grips with their dental phobia . Come and relax in our massage dental chair !!
It was a great honour to win this national award & the whole Frazer Dental team were in attendance . The awards ceremony was held in the RDS by the Irish Dental Association and Collette Fitzpatrick from RDS hosted the night . Here are some photos taken on the Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year Awards night of the very proud Frazer Dental team .
If you need a Sensitive Dentist and live in Kingscourt , Bailieborough, Carrickmacross, Kells, Moynalty, Cootehill , Cavan ,Collon, Athboy, Oldcastle , Moynalty, Mullagh , Slane , Ballybay, Castleblayney, Dundalk , Navan or Drogheda , then contact Frazer Dental Today as Dr Rachael Frazer is here to help you overcome your fear of the dentist once and for all . All these towns are within a 35 minute radius of Frazer Dental Care.

Thanks again to our loyal patients !
Dr Rachael Frazer







Dr Rachael Frazer has been nominated for Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year 2015!!
THANK YOU so much to ALL our patients for nominating us for the Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year !!
We are super delighted here in Frazer Dental today. This means one of our patients could win the €5000 !!!!!!! exciting times !!!!
We won't know if we're a winner until 5 th December but we will keep u all informed!!!

To celebrate we are giving away a FREE tooth whitening treatment to one lucky person !!Enter on our facebook page

THANK YOU once again !!!
Rachael Frazer & team



Children’s Community Dental Education Programme

Frazer Dental are proud to introduce our Children's Community Dental Education Programme for 2 - 12 year olds.

A member of the Frazer dental team can arrange a visit to your Preschool / School / Scout Groups to discuss all aspects of dental health . Simply call 0429668929 to arrange a visit from us today !

We will visit all interested Preschools / Schools to discuss :
➡How to brush-toothbrushing demo
➡Good & bad foods for our teeth
➡What a dentist surgery looks like
➡what to expect when you visit us
➡Who the tooth fairy is
➡Each child will receive a goodie bag with brushing rewards chart, toothpaste & a tooth fairy present from us.

These visits are free and a great way to promote a positive dental experience for our little ones .